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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Healer of my soul

I finally gave up and embraced the shadows. I realize I can't really scape from them and that at the same time I'm not lost as long as I can always see that glimpse of Light you drop in my way.

Spins and turns have resulted in me accepting that I just have to TRUST and let myself be guided by You. A part of me is at ease, but the other still wants to rumble, and contradict you. So I remain a bit indifferent, a bit  more calm. I still don't understand (will that ever happen) where is my place. And as days go by, the craving of a more simple life has increased. 

Life in community is another hunger I have in me. Yet the farm was not for me, not this one at least. And now, during the last mile, now I get this new surprise? Where will I end? I gave up on putting my priorities first, for now is just what You want for me. Yes I'm still hard to tame, but so much has happened lately, that I feel humbled, brought to my knees. Strange but I don't feel I've lost. I feel that this is what I needed to learn among other things. For now I just need to keep healing.

Keeper of my soul
On rough course faring
Help and safeguard my means this night
Keeper of my soul

I am tired, astray, and stumbling

Shield my soul from the snare of sin

Healer of my soul

Heal me at even'
Heal me at morning
Heal me at noon
John Michael Talbot