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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for uprightness

They shall have their fill!!

A couple of weeks ago I was commanded a mission to represent my country at an international meeting. The whole process to get there was already terrible as little help is given even when they say this should be a fast process. Regardless of all the hassle I was able to be at this meeting.

Once there I coordinated with the delegation chief on the work it was going to be made. Honestly, I'm not a person who loves to support ideology, more so when this is totally detached from reality. This is the case of the topic I'm in charge. In this sense I limited myself to pay attention to the general discussion and learn, and when the topic I had interest on defending I jumped in. This lead me to a smaller working group. Needless to say that indeed I learned a lot. For instance there are many things my higher authority never shared, so this was at least a place to find out some information.

While the meeting was taking place, of course I took advantage of free moments to network. I met a lot of interesting persons, but also found out that there can be some possibilities to get some cooperation and build capacity. I came back, presented my reports and started to connect to the next thing.

Little I expected to find out that some people is gossiping and mentioning that I had my own agenda over there, as if I have done what ever pleased me. First of all I truly despise gossip. Second, what's the point of being a grown up if you can't address differences with maturity and on time?.

For a moment I was a bit shocked, but then I started to pray....and more than that, I cried for help so I reached my LMC family, my Charismatic siblings, the MC sisters... and in less than 10 minutes I realized that my Father in Heaven is right here with me.

My mom told me a phrase that makes complete sense: Christ didn't cry at the Cross. Why would I despair with an attack? And finally I pondered a lot on how much patience and humility God is asking from me right now.

So after a Rosary, I finally found the strength and started a thankful prayer. These challenges are the ones that bring me closer to you dear Father! I will be brave in Your spirit and stand firm under the false attacks.  Not my will, but THY WILL.