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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Temptation will always be around

People in social networks love to publish what they have done, do or plan to do. Where they’ve been, are or will go. I used to be one of them, eager to communicate to anybody my actions. This stress to let everybody know what you are doing, thinking or where you are, is a great temptation. Most days a “status update” comes to my mind and immediately I have to clear it from my head. What good is it to spread the world my thoughts, actions or location? What do I want to demonstrate?

As I read what other persons are doing, where they are traveling or how proud they are about something, I feel a great temptation to imitate them. Today I had the wish of what I was doing in my old life, traveling up and down. Then something stopped that longing. I realized that ever since I decided to kneel down my life to God, I’m bound to a different life. Some days it doesn’t seem to be as exiting or fun as my other life. But I can’t deny that in exchange, I’ve received blessings that those other experiences never brought to my life.
Even in my melancholy there is certain beauty, peace and definitely there is hope. These are gifts from a loving Father, who is more generous than I ever realized. I gave up my will and every day I’m learning (with Jesus Christ’s guide) to accept my Father’s will in peace, joy and perseverance, opening my life to the Holy Spirit.  There might not be all those trips and activities my will prepared, but there is for sure new unexpected adventures, same as new persons in my life that allow me to be a spiritual mother or a spiritual sister to them, while learning from their humble life more about the GIFTS GOD has for us, here and now.