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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Under personal atack, give me your strength!

 O Lord!! you have worked miracles in my life the past 2 years. And more than ever I've learned to trust in You.

So tell me, will they defeat me now?

You've taught me to walk in your Truth. But this world is dual in what they call "truth". Though I know that You will provide and lead me to where you want me to go, I can't help but feel upset. Ever since I started working at the public administration, I had You as my guide. Above all, You blessed me with my intelligence and the capacity to understand about scientific issues. I've studied and found more support for biotechnology in crops. But the other decision makers in government, seem to think that the whole country is their own house and that they can rule it as they want, with their own limited opinions. 

¿What is that I have said that has sparked hatred in their hearts and minds? Is it because I refuse to play their game and approve lots of decisions with no consensus?  Or is it because I am questioning that their opinion is biased with publications that have been discredited by the scientific community?

Psalm 42 (43)O God, sustain my cause; give me redress against a race that knows no piety; save me from a treacherous foe and cruel. Thou, O God, art all my strength; why hast thou cast me off? Must I go mourning, with enemies pressing me hard? The light of thy presence, the fulfilment of thy promise, let these be my escort, bringing me safe to thy holy mountain, to the tabernacle where thou dwellest. There I will go up to the altar of God, the giver of triumphant happiness; thou art my own God, with the harp I hymn thy praise. Soul, art thou still downcast? Wilt thou never be at peace? Wait for God’s help; I will not cease to cry out in thankfulness, My champion and my God.

I don't fear much as I have almost nothing to lose. But if my college is also under attack... I do fear about him, as he has a family to look after. When will these people learn to be JUST and HUMBLE? When dear God will you turn down their selfish walls? 

Breath deep! send us Your Holy Spirit to strengthen us. Christ, cover us with your precious blood, that we may be protected from their poisonous words and planned attacks. Father, hold tight our hands, that we might not scape but offer you this moment of bitterness.

Praise you Lord! for tonight under Your protection, I will sleep and tomorrow I'll be ready to go to battle with You!