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Friday, September 6, 2013

To TASTE God! - Sabiduría de Dios!

In about a month I would be able to step up and start my postulation to become a lay Missionary of Charity. Six months ago I took the first step. In this time I've experienced Joy and also some challenges. 

When you start speaking more about God, Justice and Truth your "friends" will start turning the back to you. In this time I've seen how at least 4 to 5 of what I used to think were good friends left my life. Recently my so called best friend also departed when I told her that our vacation together won't happen as I have some commitments and emergencies with some people of my community and with my parents. If I had chose to be a lone person and schedule my time and money only according to me, the story would be different. 

I could have drowned with these friends walking away. But when you abandon yourself to the perfect Love, there are always rays of light. John 15, 8 "If the world hates you, you must realize that it hated me before it hated you."; this was the verse that has uplifted me all these months. Not only that but gave me strength to keep happy and look life with patience and feel blessed with what is given to me, and also with what is taken away from me.

Even it is not the easiest process, learning this lesson has opened the door for me to focus on my thirst of learning more about this God that loves me and demands more every day. While on a short retreat, there was something that stroke me hard. I've finally understand what is to "taste" God. In Spanish wisdom is translated as sabiduría. This words comes from latin sapientia:

sapientia ae, f sapiens, good taste, good sense, discernment, discretion, prudence, intelligence, forethought

The good taste of knowing God, the never ending mystery! Recently I met again with a man that is very bright when he talks about biotechnology. His intelligence is attractive! Of course there is no point in building more illusions when he is a distant person. But while he was talking, I was thinking: If the intelligence of a man can attract me so much, how much more God's intelligence will keep me attracted an eternity? 

Super WOW!

That is when I realized that the price I'm paying for this Love... is ok! it is almost a bargain. And since He is soooo merciful, He has granted me the gift of new persons in my life, that accept that I'm a crazy one, crazy for Him!