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Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 5 moments in 2013

Merry Christmas from the Garita MC House!
While closing the year with the MC sisters and the children from the day care center, I was thinking how this year went so fast for me but with really valuable lessons.

This are the top 5:

1. To receive a message in 2 parts, from God through 2 different priests while I was in confession.
2. Realize that the real MISSION is how I let myself be transformed by God. To become a MCL is more about a deeper transformation in me.
3. Number 1 and 2 happened while I was in confession. Therefore, I can only say that I've grown to appreciate the Sacrament of Reconciliation like GOLD (or even more).
4. I can speak about Theology of the Body in a country that needs it. But the talks and material won't be prepared unless I start working on it. Thank GOD for the time. Written material is ready, now move on to presentations and resources.
5. Preparing food bags and presents for others with the MC and at home. There is really more happiness in giving (time, effort, food, gifts) than receiving. Thank you Father for the extra income that I can SHARE with those who need it.

Ready now to let Jesus be BORN again in my heart. May He find a place to be born in your hearts as well.


Monday, December 9, 2013

A LMC postulant

After almost 6 years of discernment, finally I had my chance to start walking and preparing myself to become a Lay Missionary of Charity. For I while I had 3 other women experiencing the initiation part. However, after almost 7 months, I'm the one that remains constant.

Accepting the LMC statutes
Some how I understand that is not that easy for them to make this radical decision and persevere in this process. I had a gap of 6 years to sear, think and finally have the striking punch of God to my heart. During this part of my walk, I will immerse into the statutes of this community: Nature and Mission, the Vows, LMC dialog with God, The Cross (no greater love) and the LMC movement as a community. If I work hard and persevere, next year I would be able to start the novice part. 

The first time Sister Adonay MC, agreed to start the whole process, I was glad and I actually thought I was ready to take my vows next day. But I've come to learn that God has a different time and the 2 year preparation process must have a purpose. 

In these past 10 months, I've realized that I need that time, even when my heart wants to give the final jump right away. But in the same way a baby needs to learn to crawl and then to stand up and give the first steps, I need to learn how to stand up, again and again, regardless if I stumble. For now, I need to learn that God's Love is  persistent and always unconditional. More than learn I have to LIVE IT and BELIEVE IT. 

This part some days is a challenge, and most days is a Grace to live this Love.