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Monday, February 28, 2011

For reasons yet unknown

I have your gift one more day, You have wake me up many minutes away from the time I planned. I enjoy how You do it, slowly, removing me from my dreams and bringing me to your garden. You sit next to me, and wait for me to talk to you. In the middle of my slumber, I start praising You, greeting You.

Then You touch me, breath through my lungs. I know another day has been granted to me. How blessed I am. I get another opportunity from you, to stand up, to enjoy, to smile, to love and work for You.

You engrave in my heart once more the promise that today nothing else matters. Mathew 6:33. You will provide food, cloth, shelter, whatever I need. Why would I worry about what is not here, what has been?. Why worry about all that I can't control. Here are my plans my Dear, you know what will work better or not. Give me patient to accept Your will.

Grant me Your Peace to delight my heart in your Love. Grant me your Light that will guide me. I need today to work, to produce these results. I may found obstacles, distraction temptations... take them in Your hands and shed your mercy in your little one.

Remember those who don´t know you as well. The ones that have a right heart and as humans are righteous. Blessed them with Your Grace, so they may open their eyes to Your Light and Truth. Have mercy on them, so later we all your children can rejoice for their return to You.

Thank You for this one more day, for the sun light and all what You have for me today.