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Monday, December 9, 2013

A LMC postulant

After almost 6 years of discernment, finally I had my chance to start walking and preparing myself to become a Lay Missionary of Charity. For I while I had 3 other women experiencing the initiation part. However, after almost 7 months, I'm the one that remains constant.

Accepting the LMC statutes
Some how I understand that is not that easy for them to make this radical decision and persevere in this process. I had a gap of 6 years to sear, think and finally have the striking punch of God to my heart. During this part of my walk, I will immerse into the statutes of this community: Nature and Mission, the Vows, LMC dialog with God, The Cross (no greater love) and the LMC movement as a community. If I work hard and persevere, next year I would be able to start the novice part. 

The first time Sister Adonay MC, agreed to start the whole process, I was glad and I actually thought I was ready to take my vows next day. But I've come to learn that God has a different time and the 2 year preparation process must have a purpose. 

In these past 10 months, I've realized that I need that time, even when my heart wants to give the final jump right away. But in the same way a baby needs to learn to crawl and then to stand up and give the first steps, I need to learn how to stand up, again and again, regardless if I stumble. For now, I need to learn that God's Love is  persistent and always unconditional. More than learn I have to LIVE IT and BELIEVE IT. 

This part some days is a challenge, and most days is a Grace to live this Love.