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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Recently I saw a small local brand name: Pagana (in the female ending for Spanish). The brand was over wallets, skirts, simple dresses. 
A friend of mine liked one wallet, and showed to me, but then she said: it is all cute but look inside. And there I saw the brand: PAGANA. 
We giggled until the owner came (a woman in her late 20s) and she said it was her brand...."because after all aren't we all "pagans"?
My friend looked at me and said: not her. 
And she was outraged when I said: Indeed I'm daughter of God and saved by Christ, sheltered by the Holy Spirit and in loving relation with my Mother Mary. 
If looks could kill, I'd be dead now.

I live now for the last four years back in my country, where indeed many are pagans. Regardless they baptize their children, there is a general acceptance (even by some priests), that is ok to go occasionally to Mass, even receive Communion with no previous repentance, and then go have a preste (these are 3 or more day parties) and give the cult to Bacchus and other acts of concupiscence.

Talking with my mom, I was wondering a while ago, why is it so? I know God's path is stretch and many times you really sweat. But how could you despise this burden if His promise is clear? Eternal, loving life in Union and Communion with Him!!! To fill in abundance this ache in our hearts FOREVER!

This world must be very pleasant to most people, that they prefer to become pagans and walk along the wide path, thinking this is the only life they will ever live.

Why do we reject that stretch path and chose to become pagans? Lately, I've learned the Prayer of the Heart (or the Jesus Prayer), more popular in the Eastern Church than in the Roman. This is sincerely a jewel. It is simple: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy of me (and there are many variants), yet the more you repeat it, the more it goes deep into your heart.

This prayer is transforming many things in my life, but above all, I'm learning to TRUST GOD and His Plan. There is more than just that, but alone this prayer is teaching me that is better not to become a pagan again.