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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My privilege

You have given me the chance to love You. You have given me the time to come back to You. In your arms I've fallen sleep. In the morning, I woke up to a new start. Things haven't gone easy just because I hold Your hand. But in a way, things don't seem impossible.

You have healed me in a fast way. But I have felt that You were requesting something else. I have bite my tongue and jumped into the unexpected. I have recognized the need to feed a friendship that was damaged for a wrong decision. I'm not sure the time it will take to go back to a time where we both had a big interest and trust in each other. But I'm willing to learn from You, to be patient and careful. May I have Your love and Light to be a good friend and companion when he needs it. May I learn from your courage, to be brave and express in a kind way my feelings, advice and ideas.

Bless his life, touch his heart. May someday he can discover that You are not there to rule as a fierce judge, but to LOVE him and heal him from the beginning of his life until now. Bless this intention that I have in my mind and heart, to be and offer my friendship with no restrictions. And thank You, for all that I can't simply express in words. Be my company now and forever sweet Love.