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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The main question

I had a great chance this past summer, to have an awesome job at Mt. Rainier National Park. All the stories in the Bible, where people goes to the mountain to find themselves with God, had a relation with this re-encounter.

Over years I have had many questions going in my head for You. The most basic and probably the core to my doubts and dilemmas has finally been answered. I had a time to listen to You, to keep quiet, to admire your magnificent creation, and contemplate your Mercy. After I stopped whispering and complaining, You wrote the answer into my heart.

"Why do I live, what's the purpose of my life??"

You said it well and clear. I am here to LOVE You, to FIND You, to learn from You and to DO Your Will! the answer is perhaps very simple and well known. But only when one understands this answer in a personal way, the whole thing has a real meaning and makes sense.

I'm not here to live my life the way I want to, or to ask from you what ever I wish for. You know better what I need and when I need it. How many times I've asked You what I wanted, ignoring what Your plan for me? Well I'm surrounding day by day to what You have for me.

Given that I'm still clumsy and haven't mastered the speed of my legs and thoughts, I present you my plans, the ideas that I have. I'm sure one of these belongs to You. That one, will bloom and then give fruit. For now, I can only leave my heart, life and thoughts in Your hands.

Only You are enough!