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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The missing link

This year went flying and seems nothing remarkable has happened aside from my meeting with my best friend/sister and my last broken heart. However, the last 3 months have been full of answers to my life (ontological) questions. 

Who I am? Despite I get to read in the Bible and other books about who are we, and no matter how many times I was told who I was, this issue was not clear to me. I have lost a lot, not materially speaking, but sentimental and emotionally. Being empty and thirsty, this question kept on bugging me. Last August 14, the thirst started to be quenched. I am created by LOVE to Love! 
It may seem pretty simple and brief, but the whole answer was absorbed in my heart, mind and soul. It is written now there. I don't need to wonder more. I know who I am.

Why I am here? This one was partially answered the first time, but I had to complete my next step. On Oct. 28-29 it was done. I have to thank the Father for Katrina Zeno and her wonderful TOB 101 seminar. Now I know why I'm here. Again the answer is very simple but starts going more complex in terms of what it really means. Finally, I've found the PEACE and Joy after understanding that even as a single, I can complete my life plan. 

I haven't felt this fullness in a long time, the sense that I don't need to worry anymore, to look, to wait or endlessly try. I can just be single and assume my spiritual maternity with more commitment. This means I have to move myself and search a community or... consider once more the missionary path?. Oh discernment!! I'm in great need of that time now.

Finally, last week as a bit late birthday gift I attended some talks on "the origin of thought" and "metaphysics according to Catholics". SCORE!! To realize, accept and delight myself on my first 2 answers was completed by the delight of knowing that this process of thinking goes beyond my mind and my body, that this abstraction is a Divine gift. 

With my new tools, answers and goggles to cross my shadows, I'm more ready than ever to stand up, have hope, smile and hold Your hand my Love!