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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Are there inverse prayers!?

A while ago I heard that in black magic and similar rituals, there can be reverse blessings and reverse prayers. Cursing or spells you could call them. Mean thoughts and wishes people has for others. Expectations that the other person may perish, get sick, etc., etc. 

I've been too conscious that so far my biggest and perhaps only blessing today is my simple life with health. I've lost too much these past months and I'm still inside a dark cloud searching where to go and the answer on how is this life given to me useful for Him. 

But there are days, that all seems to vanish, hope, faith and even worst, patient. This is the first time I've considered that I might be getting the bad/negative vibes from someone? I'm grateful more than words can express for the support, courage, love from my parents and other people that I know pray for me. But days like this I just wonder.... where does this negative feeling comes from?

I've questioned lately if You have left me here on "correctional" for longer time or just simply won't answer more until I completely renounce to my comfortable life. No sooner I'm raised in Your hands, I twist a little and I fall again. 

I'll search your forgiveness again, stand up again, walk again and wait again in You, for it is true. In this life You gave me nothing so far can compare to the Joy, Peace you give me when I listen and do as You wish. Protect me from the ones who wish me bad and forgive them and bless them.