chastity formula

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Health insurance plans have to cover sterilization and contraception free of charge - NO EXCEPTIONS

In the land of freedom there is always the lack of exactly that what they most feel proud about it. FREEDOM.
 Starting 2013 anybody working for Catholic Church MUST have access to what we preach against: DEATH. Yes, for now it is not a matter of choice or freedom, is a matter of IMPOSING their view on life and the right to grant it or deny it to whom ever they want. 

I'm close to go to a whole week at Bethlehem Farm for my first experience and decide if that is a good place for me to start building myself in the path of becoming a missioner.  Things like what happened this past weekend after remembering Roe Vs Wade, and the new rules that start unveiling what the new world regime can bring us, make me think 2 times that there still some things I have to learn in this twisted part of the world. 

I can't ignore the great need that there is in Bolivia, and that all the free time I have now would be probably more useful over there. But I also feel that it is time to cut and freeze my life. Go into solitude and this farm represents a lot of it. I need a time to be quiet, hear only silence and start to really prepare myself.

True, I still feel I have to reconcile myself fully again, as I have a little pebble in my shoe. One thing at a time, and for now just conclude this interview process. Such a big investment and hopefully that will take me away from this nonsense and relativist moment/place.