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Monday, December 26, 2011

This BIG family You give me...

Another year away from home my Love. No chance to be with the ones I love. And when sadness was embracing me, a light!

A toast with my dear sister. Seems that every year we are able to fix the distance problem. Later, some friends You left on my way to hold and make me company. At night, the BIGGEST family You provided was awaiting so we could all celebrate the marvelous GIFT our Father gave us.

Little child, mighty one. Small and fragile. So many times I have claimed that you don't know how I am feeling and yet YOU DO know how I am feeling for You felt it too. What a better chance for us to reconcile, to return to You!
I was "alone" that night, but in Your Church, I was able to ask forgiveness and find Your mercy. Together in prayer, I have realized that there where I am, as long as I have the chance to celebrate with You in your feast, there is family. Truth they are not the family that you gave me in this life, but they ARE still family. Later the miracle was completed, as I was able to talk with them, laugh and wish us well. 

At times I don't understand why You are defeating me so much this time, at times I loose it all and want to run away. At times I don't have the strength or the  courage that I seem to need to wait. And in those times, I turn around. I've discovered that I rather run back to You, hold your Hand tight and walk away at Your peace. 

The darkness is overwhelming, but even this thick coat of anguish is less dreadful if I'm holding Your hand. Am I learning to WAIT in You? I do hope so. After all this beating, I do hope I learn finally what is it to just WAIT.