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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to love an egoistic person?

I'm looking a world full of selfish people. They may claim they care about others, but when it becomes personal, if they can't benefit from the contact they have with you...they will dispose you like garbage.

I've been learning for the past 10 years the care about the others, no matter how little or big they are, how well to do or poor they are. To love like I am loved. But some days it gets to be a hard mission to accomplish. Some days I stop in this road of life and contemplate how sad is all around just because we can't be happy with what we have, grateful and even more, share it.

Altruism and self-sacrifice seem to be values of a mad person, a lunatic. How then, can we relate with one another? Everything, from music, fashion, tv, news, movies, books...everything seems to vomit the idea that you have to be objective, rational... to the point where you kill your compassion??

I've had enough, and though I may not close my doors to these empty bodies (they claim to be happier with out a soul), I will put more effort in making connections with people who is alive. ALIVE!!

Teach me this love and forgive the empty ones, the way You do!!