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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping sincere

I may not always say the things in a soft way, but I don't try to hide them or pretend they are not there. I'm as transparent as I can be. I needed to say those things and not to hurt, but to show new possibilities. We kick and fight against those who want to correct us, and though I'm not a finished work yet, I can see I clearly understand better things that used to be blur.

As I talked to him and found that his wounds are deeper than just a lack of interest into make sacrifices now and here, I felt a deep pain inside me. You really feel and want all of us to be saved...even this little ones who deny You day by day!!

The only thing I know I can do is extend my hand and offer my friendship, hoping that my ears can listen what ever he has to say and express and that my arms can comfort him whenever he needs it (even in the distance). I may not be full of virtues...but I'm loved by You first and I want to open my life to You and your work. As light, as salt, as oil...use my existence for others, to cheer them, to make them company, to listen their trouble, to dry their be their friend. By accepting my nothingness, perhaps, they will get to see Your wonderful everything!!