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Monday, April 4, 2011


I was a little one in the palm of Your hand. You took care of me, You had this patience and Love for me before I came to breath. You smiled at me and felt happy with the plan You thought in Your eternity. One my idea was ready You gave me the most precious gift of all.... you gave me LIFE.

Countless are the times I fell and cried and got lost in darkness. The number of times You rescued me from them is even greater. My misery, my break down, my weakness is Your Victory and in time You take me from my hand and let me standing up and shining, happy again to have the BEST GROOM, BROTHER, FRIEND, LOVER, FATHER and more in life walking next to me.

I am blessed and can't really scream how deeply grateful I am of Your mercy and LOVE. I'm filled with a deep peace. At moments I feel some tears coming down my cheek, but they are no longer bitter or useless. You took carefully all the ones I have shed these past days and accepted them as my only offer to You in that lonely garden, in that cold punishment, in that bleeding crown. You took my humble offer, a heart of flesh that You gave me some years ago. But this heart is wounded, bruised, hurt and is not beating the way it used to. That too was my offer in atonement for the pain and emptiness others feel in their life. What a privilege to have a Doctor that can give me a new heart!! One full of LOVE and power to shine again, to carry your LOVE to others, one with no fears or scars, ready to jump into this new adventure.

Smile in my face, glad I go again, awaken holding tight Your hand. I can't really see you still, but BLESSED night!! blessed problems and blessed confusion, for now I'm back again close to my Groom. Close to You my Love. Blessed praying of parents, friends and your beloved Missioners of Charity. My life is filled again with joy and hope.

In You I can DO IT. In You I found the courage to ask forgiveness to You and to the one I hurted. In You I found the courage to recognize my fault, to feel it deep and to really feel sorry for what I've done. In You, I can be conscious about my defects and my mistakes...but only in You I can FACE them and fight to change them.

Oh JOY, oh PEACE!! You have allowed me to have a quiet day now, a renewed start and a clear vision in this darkness of what I was doing wrong, on what illusions should be kept away and in what direction I should offer my hand. Not dumb, but humble. Not proud, but meek.

Your victory is my FREEDOM, Your victory is this chain cut and You setting me free to Love You again and through You, love those who will run in my path. BUT CAREFUL!! My new heart has to be careful...and patient. For not all who will cross my path are meant to be ready for this LOVE You spread through me. Not all will understand this craziness of Your joy and peace. And certainly not all will accept this FREE LOVE.

GRACIAS!! mi alma no tiene freno en agradecerte tanta bendicion y tanta dulzura!! GRACIAS por protegerme, por enseñarme a tiempo cual NO era mi camino. Gloria y alabanza por siempre a Ti mi Dios!