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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Peace with my Love

Your ways are mysterious. We can't understand them if we refuse to see, if we walk away from You.
Here I am, recovered in a such a short time, for now I've granted you the freedom to do Your will in my life. And with big Love you have taken care of me and pampered me into Your loving arms.

At ease with myself, my thoughts and my feelings, now I can SEE, not the whole thing but plenty. I'm yours to work Your wonders. I thought my dear atheist was for was always for YOU. As he denies You, he still wants to listen to me. Glorious plan You had!!

My bad dear Love, to confuse things. Thank you though for putting light in this matter. After a short chat with him, and feeling in Your peace as I said some words, I can only now be certain that he is for You and if I'm part of that I AM! If he will listen to me, if he will share with me...then make it possible. You'll find a way to reach him if I open this channel for You. I'm your little one, my life is here to serve You.

Bless his days, bless his problems, bless his loneliness, bless his ideas, his wounds, his fears, bless him while he was in his mother's womb. Bless him when he was alone and confused as the first time his parents split. Bless him when he had to change and accept a step dad. Bless him when he felt that another split was coming and went through it. Bless him when once more he was presented a new step dad. Bless him when he enjoyed the coming of his sister. Bless him when he found what he thought was love, bless his introversion, his wall, bless his years in school, his realization that he liked to do that stuff he does with computers. Bless his problems at work, bless his cheerful times with people, bless the moment we met, bless the moment we had to say good bye, bless the moment he had to go through my mistake. Bless the pain he bares in silence inside those walls. BLESS HIM my LOVE, for he needs You but won't let You in that easy.

Here I am, do as You have to reach him. For I too want his soul and life to be saved. And that world prince, can't and won't win this time. I've heard Your voice and YES is my answer.